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UpRoot organizers would like to invite folks who are excited about what we are doing to consider participating in whatever ways interest you. We have compiled a menu of suggestive possibilities of how you can get more involved. 

Please e-mail whenever you want to participate. 

Ideas for multifarious forms of participation: 

* Help out with building puppets for actions 

* Help out with making signs for actions 

* Contribute $5+ to help pay for signs, paint and other art supplies that we need to build puppets, signs, and banners (any time we have an action, you can just contribute a little money which is important support). You are also welcome to donate art supplies if you already have them 

* Help do research 

* Write regularly to our newspapers about what's important and how wonderful it is we're doing something about it. (If you want, we can brief you on the important points to make) * Hand out little fliers to people you know before upcoming actions 

* Put up a few posters in places accessible to you. 

* Action-support: transporting equipment, signs, etc., cleaning up after actions 

* Help with outreach to existing student and community groups, talk about the issues we're working on, educate them, find out what they're working on that we can support them on. 

* Fax press releases once we've written them. Make follow-up calls. 

* FUN last minute late night action preparation sessions (phone calling, research, art, documents, errands, blood making, feeding weary organizers) 

* Come chew the fat at Monday night discussions 

* Last but not least, become an organizer by coming to Friday night meetings (these have become short and efficient!). If there are other things you would like to do to help out, we're open.